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The MasterMind Company develops tailor-made sustainable infrastructural solutions. We convert technical needs from various sectors into a unique concept in order to contribute to a world as safe as possible. We love to help our customers making the right sustainable choices, whether they are active in the world of large-scale events, disaster areas or military missions. Our safe and sustainable products and services are developed with respect for people, planet and (re)sources.

We build and deliver turnkey multifunctional buildings. Where needed we apply the MasterMind products and services to our infrastructural solutions.

We take care of the infrastructural solutions we deliver. We optimize them on a modular level. We also train the technicians or the local population to use our products.

We make sure that our innovative solutions support our clients. User-friendliness and efficient power consumption of our applications come first.

We support defence organisations all over the world with our specialist knowledge. We deliver and build a range of operational infrastructural solutions such as CO2-neutral concepts, watertreatment, waterpurification and protection.

MasterMinds at work


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We are proud to present the article in Dutch Water Section about our water system.


Water Treatment Plant Mali

The last two years we've engineered, built and serviced our Water Treatment Plant at the UN-camp in Mali. This is the first ever build Treatment Plant at this size. With this project we answer to the essence of our company; saving a source of the earth: water!


Altijd al snel willen ontplooien?

The MasterMInd Company B.V. (TMMC) presenteert een snel ontplooibaar, lichtgewicht infrastructureel systeem dat gebaseerd is op het “Rapid Housing System“ (RHS).

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