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Smart Sustainable Purifying Plant TAP-p

TAP-p is a good example of an environment friendly purifying waterplant that could operate in remote areas. This waterplant will purify water into potable water. Thus we contribute to a highly reduced water intake, less waste water and re-use of residual waste. With clean water you take care of the people and the Earth.

Our Smart Sustainable Purifying Plant contains of several units, optimized for storage, analysis and purification. Every plant is in total compliance with local standards. We always work towards a zero footprint.

  • Sustainable Conditioning of waterstorage
  • Innovative water analysis based on sensor analysis technique
  • Purification on Category I & II-level (drinkable or undrinkable)
  • Maximum re-use of water reduction of intake
  • Minimized effluent re-use for energy or compost
  • Real-life awareness of water quality by using state-of-the-art (MAST)sensors
  • Total compliance with local quality standards
  • We combine wastewater treatment and clean water preparation
  • We take care of the whole waterchain based on a zero footprint principle


Handelsweg 14
3751 LR Bunschoten-Spakenburg
The Netherlands

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