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ICO-n Rapid Deployable Container System

ICO-n Rapid Deployable Container System

The MasterMind Company proudly presents the ICO-n series. This system contains all the knowledge and experiences gathered by TMMC during the last decennia. Most utilities needed for Expeditionary Infrastructures can be placed in the ICO-n models. BecauseTMMC is convinced that ICO-n will be exemplary for the future, the name is justified. ICO-n’s are available both in 20ft or 10ft dimensions.


  • ICO-n can be placed stand-alone or as composed buildings.
  • The most eye-catching benefit is the fact that ICO-n has it’s own assembly kit that allows assembling without crane’s.
  • The ICO-n series allows integrated transport that results in reduction of the needed transport capacity.
  • With removable (insulated) walls, insert openings for the apply of different accessories (e.g. a roof) and a simple coupling system, the ICO-n can be transformed to the costumer’s demands.
  • ICO-n provides protection up to level C-4 with adaptive armor and the integrated sandwich top. A mounted roof counters weather influences and is also the pre-detonation trigger for incoming projectiles of IDF.
  • A pioneering system for air distribution can be installed in ICO-n.
  • Together with TMMC’s CNEC-t system, bigger constructions can be erected.





ICO-n Rapid Deployable Container System

Our modular products consist of components, sometimes from existing proven products, which we professionally integrate in order to make a unique sustainable system. Each component has its own function, the overall system solves infrastructural challenges in a professional way that tributes to saving the sources of our earth and reducing the lifecycle costs. On demand we offer tailor-made solutions based on your own specifications

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