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Smart Sustainable Sewage Treatment Unit - USE-r

The main components of the USE-r leachate treatment plant are the bioreactor segments and the ultrafiltration modules. Before entering the plant, the influent passes a pre-filtration for rejecting coarse particles and fibres. The treated, clean effluent (filtrate) is buffered and ready for further use or discharge. The excess sludge produced in the biological process is collected in a sludge tank for disposal or further treatment.


  • Dry solids from the pre-filtration and excess sludge from the microorganisms and inert components are diverted in a range of 1-2% of waste water feed
  • Purified filtrate is further treated with a reversed osmose plant
  • Excellent effluent quality
  • High membrane permeability and durability
  • Long membrane life span
  • High flux due to the special membrane properties and cross flow effect
  • Compact and extreme robust design
  • Easy operation and maintenance due to fully automatic system
  • Fully automatic membrane chemical cleaning with less personal involvement and no bad smell


Handelsweg 14
3751 LR Bunschoten-Spakenburg
The Netherlands

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