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SIT-e Smart Sustainable Camp

SIT-e Smart Sustainable Camp

SIT-e is the building information modelling (BIM) we use to design/build/operate/maintain sustainable Camps. We can implement sustainable buildings like the m-ALL (erected with the innovative CNEC-t system) or ICO-n containers. Combinations of these systems to realise bigger rooms are foreseen as well. Even tents fit in the sustainable camp design. Utilities needed to provide the camps with e.g. wastewater treatment; smart energy-solutions and waste disposal can be transported on the TRAN-s frames. Adaptive protection can be transported to the theatre with theTRAN-s frames,placed in the ICO-n to reduce the transport capacity. TRAN-s can be transformed to pre-detonation screens. Finally we like to mention that the CNEC-t system can be used to assemble bridges and supports for watchtowers that might be part of a perimeter with ac- cess control. Design of Camps on function- al, technical and operational demands is our competence within the BIM process, based on our technical knowledge and experience in the field of Force Protection.


  • Design in accordance with STANAG 2280
  • Using BIM
  • Multiple functionalities, layouts and shapes, one concept
  • Energy-plus concept is optional





SIT-e Smart Sustainable Camp

Our modular products consist of components, sometimes from existing proven products, which we professionally integrate in order to make a unique sustainable system. Each component has its own function, the overall system solves infrastructural challenges in a professional way that tributes to saving the sources of our earth and reducing the lifecycle costs. On demand we offer tailor-made solutions based on your own specifications

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