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Smart Sustainable ECOnomic Resort SIT-e

The SIT-e consists of 40 to 50 livings sharing their own park and playfield. The houses have features like a flushing toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen. Sewerage is treated within the central district by a natural waste water system producing clean water that can be re-used for the flushing toilets. We deliver the SIT-e on demand with all sorts of community facilities such as a townhall, medical buildings, relaxation options, libraries and shopping occasions.


  • Based on a weldless prefabricated modular system
  • Multiple functions - multiple sizes
  • Specially designed for remote areas
  • Building-up with minimal support of machinery
  • No need for specialist labor
  • The MasterMind Company products are all integrated in one resort

 On demand we offer tailor-made solutions based on your own specifications

Handelsweg 14
3751 LR Bunschoten-Spakenburg
The Netherlands

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