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Smart Sustainable Storage Unit - MUD-u

This flexitank can be used both for temporary and permanent storage of liquids and has a big advantage over a builded construction especially for countries where building permits or materials are difficult to get. The MUD-u works for Somalia, Pakistan and South-Africa, in areas where pure drinking water is not available in a natural way. Worldwide national and international water companies use the MUD-u as a regular drinking water supplier but also as water supplier in case of emergency.


  • Certified drinking water in FDA and WRAS standard
  • Safe and sustainable drinking water system
  • Use of high-quality, strong, lightweight and flexible materials
  • High-frequency thermic welding
  • ISO-certified production
  • Compatible with foilresistent liquids
  • In an empty state only 2% of the maximum volume is used
  • Deliverable in standard volumes (5, 10, 15, 20¬†and 25 m3) as well as tailor-made¬†volumes up to 1500m3 based on customer specifications

Handelsweg 14
3751 LR Bunschoten-Spakenburg
The Netherlands

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