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TRAN-s Smart Sustainable Transport Frame

TRAN-s Smart Sustainable Transport Frame

The MasterMind Company proudly presents the TRAN-S. These frames can be used to bring all addi- tional building parts into the theatre e.g. roofplates, foundation, supports, and addaptive protection. Also utility’s like waste water treatment, smart enery solutions, climate control and waste disposal can be mounted on these frames.

TRAN-s can be transported both in ICO-n’s or standard 20’ft ISO Containers due to the guide/sliding rail. The fact that parts of theTRAN-s can be transformed into pre-detonation screens is an extra“pioneering” benefit.




TRAN-s Smart Sustainable Transport Frame

Our modular products consist of components, sometimes from existing proven products, which we professionally integrate in order to make a unique sustainable system. Each component has its own function, the overall system solves infrastructural challenges in a professional way that tributes to saving the sources of our earth and reducing the lifecycle costs. On demand we offer tailor-made solutions based on your own specifications

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