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Smart Sustainable Water Purifying Unit - PURE

Water purification systems have been designed to obtain high-quality purified water. Designed to resist the 24 hours operation conditions- continuous working in remote area environments and are able to produce the highest water quality standards either for the human consumption and hospital uses. Supplementary treatment necessary for water of a higher quality level through reverse osmose, active coal filter and UF filtering.


  • Flow rates of 50 - 2400 gpm
  • Product and concentrate flowmeters
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauges for the pumps, discharge, membrane,┬ásecondary feed, permeate and concentrate pressure gauges
  • Stainless piping and frame
  • Design flow per pump 80 - 3000 gpm
  • Pump construction in stainless steel
  • Centrifugal pump

Handelsweg 14
3751 LR Bunschoten-Spakenburg
The Netherlands

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